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5✸ Council Licensed & Insured Home Dog Boarding & Doggy Day Care

Based just outside the beautiful City of Chester, surrounded by countryside walks.

Luxury Home Dog Boarding allows your dog to take a vacation whilst you take yours!

Luxury Home Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care

Home Dog Boarding

  • Maintain Dog’s Routine
  • Countryside Walks
  • Attention & Affection
  • Personal Sleeping Area
  • Mental Stimulation

1 to 1 Training

  • Basic Obediance
  • Puppy Training
  • Improving Handling Skills
  • Using Body, Voice & Energy
  • Understanding Body Language

Doggy Day Care

  • 8.00am – 6.00pm
  • 5 Days a Week
  • Exercise & Stimulation
  • Countryside Walks
  • Peace of Mind

Dog Walking

  • 8.00am – 3.30pm
  • Mon – Fri
  • Exercise
  • Stimulating
  • Socialisation

NOTE: Boarding and Day Care prices may vary over Easter periods, Christmas/New Year periods and Bank Holidays. Contact us for full details.

What is Home Dog Boarding and Doggy Day Care?

Our Goal is to ensure that owners can go away safe in the knowledge that their dogs are being loved and cared for. All dogs home boarding or staying for dog day care at Rachael’s Home Dog Boarding get a holiday of their own, stress free, full of fun, exercise and of course love!

Home Dog Boarding in Chester

Home from Home

Rachael’s Home Dog Boarding is a fully licensed home dog boarding facility based in Chester and offers a great alternative to kennels.

Your dog will spend it’s holiday with us, in our home, and will receive care, love and exercise and mental stimulation while you, the owner, relax during your vacation.

We accept a maximum of 5 dogs in total, and will home board puppies through to adult dogs, big or small.

We invite all owners and their dog(s) to visit us for a Meet & Greet before a booking, so you can see the premises and talk through any concerns or questions. This allows us to understand you and your dog(s) needs and arrange the best possible stay for them, whether they are coming for home dog boarding or doggie day care.

Home Dog Boarding in Chester

Love & Attention

Every dog needs love and attention and Rachael will be your dog’s primary carer.

Whether Rachael is working your dog via obedience training, out on a bonding walk, teaching your dog new skills (or brushing up on old ones), dogs will gravitate to the person that gives calm, assertive leadership and whom deserves respect.

Respect comes from working a dog, building a bond and creating a trust that grows through team work. Mutual love and attention is then achieved.

At Rachael’s Home Dog Boarding, each day has a fun, physical and psychological aspect. The day will always finish with the use of good, gentle hands for stroking, along with soft voice tones and perhaps even a massage. Our dogs are always welcomed back to a calm, tranquil, home environment.

Home Dog Boarding in Chester

Maintain Routine

Whether home dog boarding or dog day care, we maintain your dog’s feeding routine. All that we require is for you to provide your dog’s normal food.

If you have any specific nutritional demands for puppies or sensitive dogs, we can ensure any dietary requirements are strictly adhered to.

We also have healthy snacks and home made treats, although you may opt out of these if your dog is not allowed.

Dogs always have access to fresh water and a warm, dry bed. Bowls are changed a minimum of twice a day.

Home Dog Boarding in Chester

Medicine & Supplements

We take your dog’s health seriously. We require all dogs allowed onto the property for home dog boarding, dog daycare or simply visiting, to have current vaccinations. For further information, be sure to talk through our requirements on your Meet & Greet.

The Health and Safety of each dog is our number one priority. It is a condition of our licence that proof of vaccination must be shown for all dogs accepted into our home. Please check with your veterinary surgeon that your dog is adequately covered. Kennel Cough vaccination is not compulsory but if administered must be administered at least three weeks prior to boarding. Owners must be aware that Kennel Cough is normally picked up in dog walking areas such as parks. We take every possible precaution to guard against infections brought into the kennels with strict hygiene procedures, cleaning schedules and risk assessments, but cannot be held responsible for them.

We can also administer medication or supplements as needed for your pet to maintain their daily routine.

Home Dog Boarding in Chester

Stay up to Date

We understand that being away from your pet can be stressful. The worry of how they’re settling in, if they’re eating and if they are getting anxious about your absence.

With your permission, we keep all our dog owners up to date with our very own Facebook Page. Each day, you’ll be able to follow pictures and video of your dog’s stay, and see for yourself just how well they are settling in.

Enjoy seeing your dog playing in the woods, by the river, in wide open fields and even at a private woodland retreat we have access to. Who knows, you may even find yourself jealous of the holiday your dog is having.

You are also welcome to email or text us, within normal working hours, for an update on your dogs stay.

Home Dog Boarding in Chester

Return to a Happy Dog!

Kennels, unfortunately, are often a necessity. Convenience, finances, location, naivety, lack of knowledge, an inability to read canine body language, first time dog owners, are all many reasons why dogs end up holidaying in kennels whilst you switch off and sun yourselves on a beach. Often owners are unaware that their dog could possibly be in an overwhelming, high intensity environment, with many dogs from different backgrounds.

These dogs have varying energy levels and all display different body language signals, because they are restricted and forced to be near, opposite, listening to and confronting unstable dogs, that were possibly stable but are now in an environment well beyond their coping ability.

Returning home to a happy, healthy dog after being apart during your holiday couldn’t be more important and rewarding. Removing your dog from this intense environment by Home Boarding, helps your dog cope much better with the time apart, giving you peace of mind while you relax and enjoy your time away.

Owner Reviews: We Love Our Canine Guests And Their Owners Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to making your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible. When your dog home boards with us, there is no need to worry about their wellbeing. With owners already booking their next holiday, you can’t go wrong with Rachael’s Home Dog Boarding.

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